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Barbara Lee is a Licensed Nutritionist and RN offering nutritional consultations to address your health issues.  Counseling on nutrition since 1987, and having an RN license, you can depend on getting sound, scientific nutritional information. She uses natural, non toxic therapies with health issues including but not limited to:

blood sugar imbalances

weight management

hormone balance

Barbara works with your bloodwork and saliva tests to get a pre and post baseline.

Barbara Lee, RN, Licensed Nutritional Counselor

Why hire an RN for nutritional counseling? An RN is trained in medications and their side effects!  Educated at St Pete College of Nursing, graduated 2010. As a licensed nutritionist since 1991,  Barbara Lee participates in continuing education yearly to get the latest in scientific nutritional studies. A licensed nutritionist is not the same as a dietician. The approach is usually quite different.

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A nutritional consultation takes about 2 hours for initial work-up. Barbara Lee listens to your health issues, writes down her suggestions and carefully goes over them with you for clear understanding.

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There is usually a progression required for making sound nutritional changes. It is best to get a baseline of the current condition using bloodwork or saliva tests. As changes are made, additional supplements may be added and some may be removed from your protocol.

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Dietary habits are the foundation of good nutrition.  Barbara Lee will outline dietary suggestions for best health. Not a believer in calorie counting, she encourages you to get an idea of your general dietary habits now, by writing down what you eat daily, and gives you a list of suggestions that will possibly fit your tastes and needs.

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